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Kidstunes Curriculum
Keeping You Informed
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Group Piano Classes

Children ages 6-9

Adults ~ teen and up!



Kidstunes ~ Musical Children in the Making!

Early Childhood music and movement classes held at your child's daycare or preschool




Kidstunes Curriculum
Our small class size and hands-on music program provide a positive, warm learning environment for children age two and up. Every Kidstunes class is designed to benefit many areas of growth and development in your child, and all instruments and materials are provided! Sessions occur once a week for 30-45 minutes, are held during the regular school day, and cover many areas including:


♪  Fundamental Music Concepts
♪  Playing Musical Instruments
♪  Singing and Vocal Development

♪  Masterworks study - musical "play" with the classic masterpieces & famous composers!
♪  Creative Movement and Dance
♪  Dramatization, Storytelling, and Puppetry
♪  Multi-Cultural Styles and Traditions
♪  Exploring Orchestral Instruments
♪  Creative Composition and Self-Expression
♪  Appreciation of Various Forms and Styles
♪  Music-Related Crafts
♪  Selective Listening Skills
♪  Recognition of Music Symbols and Notation
♪  Cross-Curricular Activities
♪  Literacy Enhancement
♪  And, So Much More!

Keeping You Informed
Kidstunes classes are led by professional and qualified educators in the music field who bring a broad spectrum of skills to our program and are devoted to your child. You will receive regular correspondence, including:

♪  Weekly e-mail updates from your child's instructor outlining the songs, instruments, activities, and musical concepts covered during class.

♪  Monthly newsletters announcing units of study, upcoming events, the latest news and research relating to Early Childhood Music & Movement, and ideas for incorporating music and movement activities at home.

♪  Quarterly evaluations to keep you informed of your child’s progress in the Kidstunes program.

Why Should I Provide Kidstunes Classes for My Child?

Research has proven that music instruction at an early age enhances spatial reasoning skills, which are critical for higher brain function and success in math & science. Early musical achievement promotes language development, fine gross motor coordination, social behavior & interactions, self-expression, and symbolic thinking. In addition, music students demonstrate an increased ability to learn and retain new information quicker & easier. Don't miss this opportunity to give your child all these gifts and more...with Kidstunes!




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